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RSA: Venice, April 2010

Chair: Margaret P. Hannay, Siena College
Respondent: Mary Ellen Lamb, Southern Illinois University

  1. Helen Vincent, National Library of Scotland, "An English Theater of Women: A Contemporary Translation of the Gyneaeceum sive Theatrum Mulierum into English Verse"
  2. Micheline White, Carleton University, "Mothers as Religious Instructors in Jacobean England"
  3. Carlyn D. Muir, University of Hong Kong, "The Woman in Black: The Patron of Antoine VĂ©rard's Edition of the Horloge de Sapience (PML 17591)"

Medieval Congress: Kalamazoo, May 2010

Chair: Margaret P. Hannay, Sienna College

  1. Johanna Harris, University of Geneva, "Lady Briliana Harley's 'Letter of Advice'"
  2. Laura Estill, Wayne State University, "'All the Adulteries of Art': The Dramatic Excerpts of Margaret Bellasys's BL Add. MS 10309"
  3. Ilona Bell, Williams College, "The Autograph Manuscript of Mary Wroth's 'Pamphilia to Amphilanthus'"


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