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Sixteenth Century Society Conference

16-19 October 2014

What's Class Got To Do With It?

Chair: Mary Ellen Lamb, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

  1. Lisa Viktoria Kranzer, University of Birmingham, “Let Ploughmen speak for Peasants will listen – Class in Reformation Pamphleteering”
  2. Jaime Goodrich, Wayne State University, “England’s ‘learned Cornelia’: Humanist Education and Social Class in Elizabeth Cooke Hoby Russell’s Poetry”
  3. John Henry Adams, Arizona State University, “Isabella Whitney and Paratextual Identity"
  4. Mary Ellen Lamb, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, “Selling Desire: A lyric exchange between William Herbert, third earl of Pembroke, and Benjamin Rudyerd”


Renaissance Society of America

New York, 27-29 March 2014

What’s Class Got To Do With It?

Chair: Mary Ellen Lamb, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

  1. Joshua Eckhardt, Virginia Commonwealth University,  "Death’s Duell in Sammelbande"
  2. Jonathan P. Lamb, University of Kansas, "Renaissance Big Books and Few Readers"
  3. Matthew Zarnowiecki, Touro College,  "Bonum quo communius eo melius: Song Collections and Collective Action"

What’s Class Got To Do With It? Class and Readers

Chair: Beth Quitslund, Ohio State University

  1. Margaret J.M.Ezell, Texas A&M University, "The Ignorant Reader"
  2. Lisa Kranzer, University of Birmingham, "Let Ploughmen Speak for Peasants Will Listen: Class in Reformation Pamphleteering"
  3. Gregory Dean Dodds, Walla Walla University, "'Cabals of Zeal': Popularity, Social Anxiety, and Vulgar Rhetoric in Restoration England"
  4. Victoria Munoz, Ohio State University, "Caballerías and "Idle" Female Readers: Anglo-Iberian Hostilities and the Decline of Romance"


Conference Sessions 2014

Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago, 9-12 January 2014

Josephine A. Roberts Forum: "What's Class Got To Do With It?"
Friday, 10 January, 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Belmont, Chicago Marriott

Presiding: Mary Ellen Lamb, Southern Illinois University

  1. Steven May, Emory University, "The Stigma of Print Revisited"
  2. Caralyn Bialo, Manhattanville College, "Is This Font for You?"
  3. Beth Quitslund, Ohio University, "The Metrical Psalter, Status, and the Uses of Books"
  4. Lara Crowley, Northern Illinois University, "Sir Samuel Tuke's John Donne"


Gender and Literacies in Early Modern England

SCSC 2013
October 24-27, 2013, Puerto Rico

Sponsor: Renaissance English Text Society
Organizers: Jaime Goodrich, Wayne State University and Elizabeth Hageman, University of New Hampshire
Chair: Susan Felch, Calvin College

  1. Anne Lake Prescott, Barnard College, "Printing Elizabeth's Marguerite: A Retrospective on Representations of Female Literacy"
  2. Kate Narveson, Luther College, "Sharing Scriptures: a co-ed literacy?"
  3. Amy Froide, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, "Gender and Financial Literacy during Britain's Financial Revolution, c. 1680-1750"


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