letter submission of proposals for texts published by the Society are always welcome--both texts an applicant would like to edit and a text an applicant would like someone else to edit so as to make it more widely available. If the latter, please indicate some possibilities of who might edit the text.

RETS publishes critical editions of printed books and transcribed English manuscripts circulating between 1475 and 1660 in England. A proposal should include the following:

Edited manuscript miscellanies should conform to the standards noted here. Every edition published by the Renaissance English Text Society is supervised by an editorial committee selected from the Council Members.

Send the proposal and your c.v. to the President of the Society by November 1 of any given year for consideration at the January meeting of the Council. 

Arthur F. Kinney (President) 
25 Hunter Hill Drive
P. O. Box 2300 
Amherst MA 01002 USA